SATA Announces Loyalty Black Week

SATA Loyalty Black Week runs from November 27 until December 6, 2020. Photo: SATA

From November 27 until December 6, 2020, SATA is running a Loyalty Black Week promotion.

Participants can access the promotion by scanning the QR codes on boxes of SATA RPS multi-purpose cups.

Each RPS box features a shrink-wrapped booklet on the outside. By opening the booklet, participants will find the codes necessary for the promotion.

By scanning the codes, they can collect double SATA Coins and then redeem them for a whole host of valuable rewards for their body shop or collision centre. Each RPS cup represents one SATA Coin.

Some of the items available during this promotion include a SATA Custom Design Gun, a SATA gun case and the SATA Weekender.

For more information visit SATA.com/loyalty.


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