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Body shops, focused on good practices, must set an example in terms of compliance with health standards. Photo: Shutterstock

No one can deny the effects that Covid 19 has had on the environment of workers and companies in all sectors.

Some lucky people continued to receive their pay without really feeling the budgetary consequences of the containment. Few companies in our field have not been affected by the pandemic, particularly by the significant drop in traffic.

Others within our teams, despite their willingness to show up for work, had to resort to the Canadian Emergency Benefit as temporary income.

For some suppliers, teleworking was the only way to continue serving their customers.

Following the Rules

For the body repairers, the challenge was considerable in terms of how to comply with the recommendations of the Quebec Public Health Committee. Their ability to adapt was remarkable.

All sorts of measures had to be put in place, both on the management side and among employees and, of course, customers. One can imagine a very busy workshop that has to manage the reception of customers and the delivery of vehicles, become aware of the wearing of masks, the installation of Plexiglas, social distancing and the application of disinfectant, and feel a little dizzy from these sudden changes.

As soon as the suppliers’ representatives got approval from their managers to visit the workshops, they were confronted, me first, with all kinds of customers. Some were very respectful of the procedures, and others scorned them completely.

Time for Caution

Several workshops required the wearing of masks and hand disinfection, while others, more recalcitrant, did not apply any measures. Some companies even neglected to have their premises disinfected, resulting in the contamination of several employees.

Having become an essential service quite soon after the restrictive measures began, I believe that the majority of the workshops understood very well the message aimed at controlling and one day beating this virus that has so far claimed many victims among the population. All of them have been affected in one way or another by this unforeseen pandemic.

I offer my sincere condolences to all those who have lost a loved one.

From conspiracy theories to human rights, there will always be disbelievers who unconsciously continue to rebel and refuse to comply.

I would hope that caution will guide the general population to avoid or at best minimize the effects of this second wave.

Since our sector is based on good practices, our shop managers need to understand that health measures are now part of it. Now more than ever, they must demonstrate to their employees, suppliers and customers that they are exemplary corporate citizens.

To use a phrase that is now visible everywhere, “everything will be all right”.

Denis Chevrier is a senior technician and trainer at Sherwin-Williams. [email protected].


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