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MATRIX EDGE offers superior colour-matching and unrivaled flexibility. Photo: Valspar Automotive

Back in 1983, most vehicles left the factory wearing single-stage paint.

Most body shops and collision centres weren’t yet immersed in the world of basecoats, clears and the multi-stage hues that are commonplace today. It was in this world that Valspar Automotive’s MATRIX EDGE was born. Today, almost 40 years later, this storied brand and paint system has been reimagined for the 21st century. Beloved of painters across North America, MATRIX EDGE is recognized as a paint system that punches well above its weight. This mid-tier system features top-tier quality primers, activators, hardeners, reducers and outstanding clear coats.

Quality, consistent results

And make no mistake, today’s MATRIX EDGE is a complete system. From ancillary products to prep, primers and sealers, plus a full, robust colour system, MATRIX EDGE provides today’s painters not only with a complete range of products, but a huge amount of flexibility. This means that no matter the job, whether it be a late-model touch-up or a complete classic vehicle refinish, MATRIX EDGE is able to deliver consistent, quality results, each and every time.

For many painters and industry professionals, a key aspect of choosing a refinish system today comes down to its colour-matching ability. In this regard MATRIX EDGE is viewed as a cut above.

“Colour-matching technology and incorporating features such as a quality colour-matching camera, really makes MATRIX EDGE stand out,” says Brayden Van Mill who owns and operates Global Auto Body Supplies in Calgary, AB. “Today, there are only a couple of companies that have really mastered the art of colour-matching using a camera, and MATRIX EDGE really is first rate.”

Number one product

Van Mill, whose business already operates three stores in Alberta and is expanding to a fourth, says that out of the nine different paint systems Global Auto Body Supplies offers, MATRIX EDGE has moved to the number one product sold over the counter.

Besides its amazing colour-matching ability and easy-to-use camera, another reason why MATRIX EDGE has become so popular is the flexibility of the full-colour system.

“The camera allows you to change from a basecoat to a single-stage,” explains Van Mill. “This is something that not a lot of products on the market today are able to do. It’s very versatile that way because you can do it with virtually any colour. It really is unique.”

From late-model blend-ins, to complete custom or vintage finish recreation, MATRIX EDGE has few peers. It’s proven particularly popular with restoration artists.

“Most older vehicles originally came with single-stage finishes,” states Van Mill, “and as paint technology advanced, it became increasingly difficult to replicate the original type finish on these kinds of vehicles. With MATRIX EDGE our customers have that option now—to change from a basecoat to a single-stage.”

He also notes that the price point makes MATRIX EDGE extremely attractive, especially considering the quality of the system and its colour-matching capability. “Our customers love it,” adds Van Mill. “The pricing is great and the results you can get from it are in league with high-end paint systems. In our opinion, MATRIX EDGE represents extremely good value.”

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