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Building Trust For Tomorrow

Give techs time to get it right. Our industry has in the past paid very little attention to the concept of shop or industry culture. But…

Shop Culture Matters

The time to start is now.   Just because our industry is lacking in culture shouldn’t stop you from building a healthy shop culture. It’s one…

Get The Customer Involved!

Communication is the key. Drivers have always been slightly neglectful of keeping in touch with their vehicles. There was always a potential issue with people remembering…

A Crisis of Inconvenience

Operational culture has to change. Action in the business world is driven by money until a crisis forces change. In the collision repair industry, the crisis…

It’s Time to Fix the Labour Shortage

The collision repair industry has a long list of challenges, such as the shortage of qualified people. That may have to do with associating success with…

No Tough Customers

When is customer experience important?  Most of us are finding that the work of repairing cars is much harder now than it was a few years…


Belvedere Nissan Ste-Agathe
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Parts clerk
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Groupe AutoForce
Bodyshop Manager
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Montréal Mitsubishi
Follow up & appointment Clerk
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Montréal Mitsubishi
Sales Team Coach ("DESK")
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