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The RL-5k off-the-road tire with three-star load capacity rating for heavy-duty loaders. Photo Goodyear

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company recently launched the new three-star RL-5K Off-the-Road (OTR) tire for large wheel loaders and wheel dozers.

The RL-5K is Goodyear’s newest radial OTR tire in the 45/65R45 tire size and is constructed to withstand the air pressure necessary to deliver an increased three-star load capacity, which translates to a 16% increase in load carrying capacity. The RL-5K with three-star capacity also features a deep, 250-level durable tread to deliver cut resistance and traction in severe underfoot conditions.

The RL-5K is Goodyear’s newest radial OTR tire in the 45/65R45 tire size. Photo Goodyear

“The RL-5K design has been updated to meet the increasing customer need for larger wheel loaders that meet the specifications of the newer vehicles entering the market,” said Loic Ravasio, General Manager, Global & Americas OTR. “We are continuing to improve our product performance and staying with the evolving market and vehicle requirements to ensure we deliver for our hard-working OTR customers.”

The construction of the RL-5K with three-star load capacity provides a stronger radial carcass with a bigger bead section and stronger ply wires to help deliver uniform product performance. Additional features include:

  • Extra-deep 250-level tread depth helps promote long hours of removal and cut protection.
  • A multi-directional tread pattern with a solid centerline helps support high torque applications with long wear and a smooth ride.
  • A larger bead bundle and radial construction enhance lower sidewall durability and promote a softer ride and improved treadwear.
  • Hi-Stability Technology used in the radial sidewall and casing construction provides stability and helps reduce bucket sway and increase machine stability in loading operations.

The RL-5K with three-star load capacity is the latest offering in the OTR portfolio to help deliver Goodyear Total Mobility—the trusted Products, Reliable Services and Tire Management Solutions your business needs. For more information on the RL-5K with three-star load capacity and the rest of Goodyear’s OTR offerings, visit GoodyearOTR.com.



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