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Cerebrum Intelligent Tire Network of agnostic data sources fuels AI & ML algorithms for never-before-seen tire management insights and reports. Photo Cerebrum

In 2019, Cerebrum Sensor Technologies gained notoriety by introducing the world’s first commercially available smart tire solution.

Using a proprietary retrofit, tire-mounted IoT sensor that connects to nearly any device, the company set itself apart from traditional TPMS by offering never-before-seen insights. Since that time, Cerebrum has proven—through dozens of independent studies led by tire companies and the like—the ability to measure real-time tread depth accurately to +/- 1 millimetre on virtually any vehicle tire.

The Company has also deployed radial load insights to key market segments like agricultural and heavy-duty trucks.


The Company is now expanding its offerings by leveraging strategic relationships and agnostic tools to feature a suite of tire management solutions all sourcing from its intelligent tire network: Cerebrum ITN.

Over the years, Cerebrum ITN has gathered trillions of data points from thousands of tire and vehicle variations using the Company’s tire sensors. This information acts as the fuel that powers Cerebrum’s proprietary AI and ML algorithms and has enabled the achievement of precision accuracy of new insights in a scalable manner.

“On a given day, Cerebrum ITN is collecting well over 50 million tire-specific data points from our global customers,” said Keith Ferry, Founder and CEO of Cerebrum Sensor Technologies. “Though we continue to provide industry-leading tire sensors, we’ve been expanding our network of invaluable data by utilizing strategic relationships with 3rd party telematics, OEs, and TPMS providers, all to provide a standardized, agnostic source for intelligent tire insights. As examples, we’ve demonstrated our tread depth algorithms using standard TPMS sensors from 3rd parties as well as software-only applications using data from OE vehicle systems. We’ve also identified the impact of road surface conditions on vehicle suspension components by combining telematics, vision systems, and our sensor data. This is just the tip of the iceberg,” adds Ferry.

For more information on Cerebrum’s Intelligent Tire Network or to learn more, visit cerebrumsensor.com or contact [email protected].


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