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Alexandre McCabe is a Network Operations Advisor for Point S Canada. Photo Point S Canada

The arrival of electric cars is very real, deeply rooted in the evolution of the automobile and bringing with it a host of innovations, each more interesting than the last.

The subject is no longer a novelty, as it has been cited and discussed by the media in recent months.

Tire manufacturers have embarked on this mad race to create ultra-high-performance tires that are quieter and more efficient in terms of rolling resistance, advanced rubber compounds for greater durability under severe engine torque, stronger carcasses to support excess weight, and technologies to reduce punctures.

We are even seeing the emergence of new off-road van tires, but with characteristics adapted to electric engines. Who would have thought that an All Terrain tire with a rather aggressive tread pattern would have been created with the intention of satisfying the above-mentioned criteria? Certainly not me, since they are in contradiction, destined for diametrically opposed applications.

The development of tires for EVs has a direct impact on the entire industry. Photo Bob Osias/Unsplash

Miracles of innovation

And yet manufacturers are trying to achieve small miracles of innovation that will have a positive impact on all road vehicle tires. The same van can now run on dinosaur juice or beaver dam juice, but their drivers are looking for much the same experience behind the wheel, forcing manufacturers to revise their specifications to reflect new and fundamentally different technical realities.

These new features will undoubtedly have a positive effect on both combustion and electric vehicles, as the majority of drivers are trying to reduce their energy consumption, especially in these uncertain economic times. And imagine if manufacturers succeeded in considerably reducing the rumble of aggressive treaded tires, in increasing the life of the tread by using new, advanced rubber compounds, and in creating new winter tires that combine traction characteristics with longevity and smoothness…

In short, this new competition promises to be very interesting, and in the end all drivers will benefit, regardless of the engine they choose!

That’s progress for you!


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