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Rovelo’s new Arctic Vision comes in 35 different sizes ranging from 16 to 22-in wheel fitments. Photo Sailun Tire Americas

Rovelo’s Arctic Vision is designed to deliver flexibility, value and peace-of-mind.

One of the realities most of us in Canada can’t escape is winter. Driving in it presents its own unique set of challenges, including traction and handling. That’s why good quality winter tires have proven to be hugely advantageous. Sailun Tire Americas understands this, which is why it has been diligently at work introducing its Arctic Vision range of winter tires under the Rovelo brand.

Core brand

Exclusively distributed across Canada through Groupe Touchette, Rovelo is one of STA’s core brands. “Since 2018, Rovelo has really been gaining prominence in the Canadian market,’ explains James McIntyre, Vice President, Sales, Canada for Sailun Tire Americas. He notes that a key reason for Rovelo’s growth is the ability to offer a top-quality product at a value-oriented price point, which is really resonating with Canadian consumers. “We currently offer seven different products under the Rovelo brand, and there’s more to come.”

Rovelo is in the midst of a major brand refresh and along with that, comes a new offering in the winter tire segment, the Arctic Vision. It’s a product that’s specifically tailored to the Canadian and U.S. winter operating environment. “We’re based here in Canada, and we live and work in this climate,” explains McIntyre. “When you look at the winter tire market, it’s very strong and established here,” he says, and with more and more consumers gravitating toward pickup trucks and SUVs, being able to offer a winter tire in a variety of different sizes is key.

Sizes and staggered fitments

The Arctic Vision, available in 35 different sizes, ranging from 16-inch to 22-inch diameter wheel fitments, was designed to accommodate a wide range of different vehicle applications. 

A studless winter tire, it comes in both V and W speed ratings and is also available in staggered fitments, which have been increasing in popularity in recent years. “While staggered fitments used to be primarily found on high-end luxury vehicles,” says Dwayne Sawyer, Account Manager, PLT for Sailun Tire Americas, “we’re seeing them now on more moderately-priced vehicles. So whether a customer wants a staggered of squared fitment, we want to make sure we have them covered.”

Speaking of coverage, the Rovelo Arctic Vision also comes with a standard two-year Roadside Hazard warranty, reinforcing peace-of-mind among Canadian consumers, as well as its status as a premium quality offering. With an asymmetrical tread sign and 3D-siping technology designed to optimize traction in snow and wet weather at low temperatures, the Arctic Vision was also engineered to work with aluminum wheels, to help customers preserve the aesthetics of their vehicle in wintertime.

Aluminum wheel considerations

“This is another trend we’re seeing,” says Jack McClure, Segment Manager, PLT, Sailun Tire Americas. “More consumers are looking to go with aluminum wheels in the vehicle’s OE size, rather than downsizing and going with steel rims during winter.” There are also cost considerations here, since aluminum wheels tend to be more expensive, and with Canadian household budgets tighter than they have been in the past, being able to save money without compromising performance when it comes to their winter tires is key.

With a major brand refresh and the Arctic Vision now available, as well as new products coming to Rovelo over the next several months, such as the Ridgetrak AT/HT/RT and Instinct UHP A/S—it looks like Canadian consumers will have an abundant choice when it comes to high-quality tire offerings at a value-oriented price point.

“There are a lot of changes coming with Rovelo,” summarizes McIntyre. “And with that, we look forward to being able to provide Canadians with the right tires at the right price point, for winter, summer and everything in between.”



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