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Emmanuelle Bourque is an Account Manager at Auto-jobs.ca, the leading automotive job board in Quebec. She has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, particularly in HR, representation and team management. Photo Auto-jobs.

Is the job offer an outdated tool? On the contrary! If it is well designed, it remains the essential tool to attract talented candidates…

With over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, and as an account manager for Auto-jobs.ca, I always stress the importance of job postings to alleviate the labour shortage in the sector.

Indeed, despite the operational adjustments of many aftermarket shops and dealerships over the past three years, mechanics, bodyshops and technicians remain a scarce and highly prized commodity in the market.

That’s why it’s crucial to fine-tune your job postings to stand out from the competition.

The secrets of an irresistible job offer

In my opinion, candidates now have the power to choose their employer, their working conditions and their colleagues. The most attractive job offers, both in terms of content and presentation, will therefore be preferred by applicants.

Use a simple, concise and creative approach to capture their attention.

Here are my recommendations for creating an eye-catching job posting:

  • A specific job title, as many job seekers use keywords to see what they can find in their specialty;
  • An attractive maximum salary or salary range;
  • A short presentation of the company, to illustrate in a few sentences the company culture, its history and its human values. The importance of this part is minimized, even though it is what distinguishes the best job offers;
  • A simple job description without too many details;
  • A summary list of desired technical and human skills;
  • The mention of stimulating working conditions and benefits, such as group insurance, a pension plan, flexible hours, telecommuting, access to telemedicine, etc;
  • Perks that can tip the balance, such as hiring bonuses, continuing education, funding for social or sports activities, etc;
  • The application process and a contact person for questions;

Finally, I insist on the visibility of job offers.

The most beautiful offer in the world will be useless if nobody sees it. You should therefore post it on specialized engines such as Auto-jobs.ca, and then share this link in your network and on social networks.

In short, the more carefully the ad is placed and shared, the higher the volume of applications for the associated position.

Happy hunting!



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