Kumho Tire Supplies New OE for VW Jetta

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The new Kumho tires for VW Jetta. Photo Kumho

Kumho Tire, one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers, announced they will supply Original Equipment tires in 205/55R17 and 205/60R16 fitments for Volkswagen’s 7th generation Jetta vehicles.

The Jetta is Volkswagen’s best-selling sedan, first released in 1979. The seventh-generation facelift vehicle is equipped with an all-new powertrain and the latest technologies, such as Volkswagen’s MIB3 infotainment system and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).

Currently, the Jetta is produced at Volkswagen’s Puebla, Mexico plant. Kumho Tire’s Georgia, U.S. plant manufactures the Solus TA31 that will be supplied for the Jetta.

The Solus TA31 is Kumho Tire’s premium comfort bestseller and highlights low noise, enhanced treadwear, and overall driving performance. It was engineered to perform on a broad range of large, medium, and small classes of vehicles. The tread of the Solus TA31 minimizes noise through a specialized block and pattern arrangement. The rigid construction improves handling and braking performance on dry roads, while the application of four wide circumferential grooves improves water evacuation on wet roads to reduce hydroplaning.

Kim In-soo, Managing Director of OE sales at Kumho Tire, states, “This supply of Volkswagen Jetta OE is the result of the recognition of the quality and technology of Kumho Tire products. In addition, Kumho Tire will further strengthen its partnership with global premium car brands with global technology based on R&D innovation.”


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