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Stay positive and stay safe.

This year’s been a tough road, but it seems there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone’s been committed to doing the right thing, the safe thing, and it shows.

Now we have to keep that momentum going, so there are no let-downs, and we can keep winning.

Remember how at the beginning of the pandemic, everyone was suddenly talking about PPE? We knew about Personal Protective Equipment, but the pandemic took it one step further.

In addition to safety glasses and steel-toed boots, techs had to wear masks and gloves, use sanitizer and disinfectant on a regular basis. Now we’re social distancing, washing before, during, and after working on cars, wiping everything down.

And it’s paying off. Our industry has really come a long way through this.

Don’t cut corners

But we can’t stop now, when we’re so close. On top of all the pandemic measures, techs need to remember basic safety training, like putting jacks underneath cars, using inflation devices when blowing up tires. Even when the shop is busy, you can’t cut corners.

Often, customers are impatient. They can’t get tires or parts. In fact, we’re all frustrated because it’s been so long, and everyone thought we’d be done with COVID – but we’re not.

That’s where we can really shine. Lead by example, and make sure you’re following all the safety protocols, like social distancing. Every jurisdiction is different – just follow the recommendations from medical authorities in your area. At the end of the day, we’re keeping our customers – and each other – safe.

Don’t let the inexperience of new hires be any excuse to take shortcuts. Safety training and all the rules need to be practiced and passed on to the new guys. With the labour shortage, we can’t afford to have people sick.

The truth is, we’re stronger together. At the beginning of this pandemic, we were talking about how we’re all in this together. That’s still the case. It’s remembering to wash your hands, keep tire machines apart, talk six feet away, take temperatures.

Essential workers

Remember, tire techs are the essential workers keeping other essential workers on the job. Police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, delivery vehicles, healthcare workers, all need tires. We can’t all work from home, people need to get to work. Tire techs may not be high profile, but every bit as crucial as anyone else.

Tire shop safety is more important than it’s ever been. That includes everything from COVID protocols to remember we’re working on potentially dangerous tires and complicated equipment.

In this space, I’m grateful to pass on some of my knowledge and experience from many years in the tire industry safety sector. I’ve seen what can happen when things go sideways when people don’t pay attention to the rules- everything from injuries to fatalities.

It’s my hope that what you read here has been useful to you, has made a difference in the way you work and do business during this very unusual and difficult time. It means a lot to me if I have helped and somehow, maybe been a part of your team.


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