Kumho Tire Fin-Spread Concept Wins at IDEA 2021

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Kumho Tire Fin-Spread Concept Wins at IDEA 2021. PHOTO Kumho Tire

Kumho Tire has received the Finalist award at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2021 for the concept design of its Fin-Sread tire.

Organized by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), IDEA is one of the world’s most prestigious design competitions.

Founded in 1980, the annual international award is dubbed the Oscars of the design world.

It is considered the world’s top three design awards along with the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award of Germany, both of which Kumho has won this year.

The Fin-Sread met all of the five assessment criteria: design innovation (newness and problem-solving quality), benefit to user (improved quality of life for users), benefit to client/brand (business impact), benefit to society (sustainability of the designing and manufacturing processes), and appropriate aesthetics (adequacy of use and function).

Kumho created a new platform for the Fin-Sread to ensure a driving performance that befits a future-oriented tire.

The platform serves as the basis for a new airless tire structure that breaks from the conventional concept of supporting vehicles through the combination of rubber and air.

This structure is effective in delivering the performance required for futuristic cars in such areas as safety, comfort, and noise levels.

The Fin-Sread offers a perfect mobility experience by collecting and leveraging big data including road data and traffic information through a 5G network, communicating seamlessly with auto-driving mobility elements, and delivering performance needs that change from moment to moment.

One of the tread units of the Fin-Sread took a cure from whale movements.

The tire pattern was inspired by the marine mammals that use their flexible fins to move in a stable and effortless manner despite their tremendous weight.

Minimizing friction noise

The S-shaped tread design minimizes friction noise levels.

“We wanted to provide a safer, quieter, and more comfortable driving experience through this tire,” said Kumho’s pattern design team, “It enables users to enjoy a perfect time and create fond memories with their loved ones in the car while on the move by delivering an optimum experience in a future-oriented mobility environment.”

The Fin-Sread has also been recognized for its eco-friendly qualities.

Conventional tires are disposed of in their entirety depending on the degree of wear or damage, which leads to a considerable amount of waste and environmental issues.


In contrast, the Fin-Sread contributes to creating an environment-friendly tire ecosystem since it allows for the replacement of only a worn or damaged part of the tire.

Cho Mansik, Executive Vice President of R&D Division at Kumho Tire, said, “Going forward, tires will not just be about moving the vehicle around. Advances in auto driving technology are transforming cars from mobility means into a space to enjoy while on the go.”

He said when asked about the tire submitted to the IDEA Awards, “This new concept tire delivers performance needed for future electric vehicles (EVs) and purpose-based vehicles (PBV) to effectively lead the mobility sector down the road. Future tires will be seen as tools to create a new space on the move.”

“In a proactive response to fast-changing technology trends, we are creating a tire digital twin environment by efficiently leveraging big data and artificial intelligence in product development, while developing next-generation technologies such as advanced performance prediction systems,” added Cho, “As a mobility partner, we will continue to develop innovative technology and future-oriented design to offer our customers a reliable and more valuable experience.”


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