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All-new ERANGE EV tire with EcoPoint3 technology. PHOTO Sailun Tire Americas

Sailun Tire Group is currently developing “ERANGE EV”, a dedicated electric vehicle (EV) tire lineup specially designed, constructed and tested for EV applications.

As more and more vehicle manufacturers offer additional electric car, truck and SUV options, the need for tires that enhance EV performance, help increase range and also deliver a quiet and comfortable driver experience has never been greater.

ERANGE EV will launch with a wide range of sizes to cover nearly 90% of electric vehicles being sold today.

Sailun began utilizing an advanced manufacturing process of liquid-phase mixing, which creates reduced rolling resistance and will allow EVs to travel further on a single charge.

This all-new tire manufacturing technology known as EcoPoint3 allows Sailun to match or exceed the performance of many leading tire brands across the three key functional attributes of rolling resistance, wear resistance and overall grip, proving that EcoPoint3 is the ideal technology for producing the full ERANGE EV tire lineup of products.

Reduced rolling resistance

ERANGE EV tires are designed to reduce rolling resistance, which in turn helps to increase the range of the EV.

Its design not only improves the overall driving experience but also reduces ‘range anxiety’ for drivers, meaning EVs equipped with ERANGE tires can get more out of each vehicle charge and run more errands and longer trips.

Advanced Tread Patterns and Compounds

ERANGE EV tires use advanced tread patterns and specially formulated rubber compounds to handle the instant torque of electric vehicles and deliver dynamic driving performance in various road conditions.

Long-Lasting Tire Life

ERANGE EV tires are manufactured with liquid-phase mixing EcoPoint3 technology to deliver the right balance of long-lasting tire life without sacrificing grip and traction for confident driving on various wet and dry road surfaces and weather conditions.

Increased Load-Bearing Capacity

ERANGE EV tires feature increased load-bearing capacity to account for the extra weight of vehicle batteries while also utilizing a reinforced sidewall design for crisp handling and cornering stability compared to traditional tires.

Quiet, Comfort and Safe Ride

ERANGE EV tires use proven ‘SilentTreadTM’ staggered tuning technology and a variable pitch sequence for a quiet, comfortable, and safe ride backed by a proven lab and road testing to meet the highest of standards.

“We’re excited about the launch of this brand-new product lineup that will be sure to satisfy the needs of the growing electric vehicles market.

“The all-new EcoPoint3 technology used to create the ERANGE EV lineup is a huge leap forward in technological advancement for the tire industry.

“We’re thrilled to be able to lead and move forward with this technology and manufacture such exciting new products with many more still under development.

“ERANGE represents an enhanced driver experience for every EV owner while still providing the value our brand is known for,” says Peter Koszo, President, Sailun Tire Americas.

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