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Geumsan Plant, Korea Has Implemented System (Photo : Hankook Tire)

Hankook in Brampton, Ontario has let us know that to accelerate their development of smart factories, they’ve developed a facility abnormality prediction system, Hankook Condition Monitoring System Plus (CMS+), based on artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT). Hankook is in the process of applying this technology to their factories around the globe. 

Facility abnormalities can cause entire production lines to shut down and incur extra expenses. Proactively identifying abnormalities and performing maintenance in advance greatly increases facility efficiency. In order to improve accuracy, Hankook has adopted AI and IoT technology to develop CMS+.

The CMS+ uses a 3-step AI algorithm which proceeds through a ‘Next-generation wireless-based IoT module’, ‘Gateway’, and ‘Server’, enabling data analysis three to four times more precise than the existing system. CMS+ continuously collects and analyzes data.

This AI algorithm in the IoT system has made it feasible to automatically sort out and selectively store the data of suspected abnormalities.

In-depth data analysis

At the Gateway and Server levels, CMS+ conducts an in-depth analysis of the data based on deep, learning technology.

Equipped with a real time wireless alarm system, it analyzes different types of data including sensor data, temperature, and operational information to proactively predict abnormal conditions in the facility. In cases of anomalies, the system immediately alarms the manager, allowing for immediate action.

Hankook is working on improving CMS+ further by integrating augmented reality (AR), to more easily identify data flow that is difficult to distinguish in the field.


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