Michelin Releases X-Ice SNOW Tire

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Michelin Releases X-Ice SNOW Tire
The new generation MICHELIN X-Ice SNOW tire is designed to navigate extreme winter conditions. (Photo: Michelin)

Michelin has announced the launch of its new generation winter tire—the MICHELIN X-Ice SNOW tire.

Unveiled at a special demonstration in the last week of February, the new tire has been engineered to deliver maximum mobility and safety in winter months.

Michelin’s Nordic test centres have seen through the development and testing of the new X-Ice SNOW winter tire and have also been the proving ground for it. Designed for passenger cars and SUVs, the tire has been tested under the “most rigorous constant extreme-winter driving conditions,” according to the company.

Michelin states in a release that 85 percent of the total volume of X-Ice SNOW tire for the North American market will be produced in Nova Scotia.

During the testing phase, Michelin noted that the new MICHELIN X-Ice SNOW tire fared better in snow performance and braking when compared to its predecessor. Additionally, against a specific competitor, the tire stopped around 3 meters shorter on ice. The tire was also found to last for an extra winter season against certain competitor tires in the category.

“The new MICHELIN X-Ice SNOW tire is designed to give drivers peace of mind when driving in extreme winter conditions,” says Sylvaine Cuniberti, Michelin’s Marketing Director. “We have an exceptional winter tire with a new tread design and innovative technologies, resulting in improved snow performance and leadership in ice braking.  The MICHELIN X-Ice SNOW provides drivers and passengers with long-lasting winter performance and continues to perform as an industry leader as it wears while being covered by a segment-exclusive limited treadwear warranty.”

The tire manufacturer explains that certain innovations featured in the tire allow the new MICHELIN X-Ice SNOW tire to deliver the traction required in harsh winter conditions. Michelin lists the following features present in the tire:

  • The tire features next-generation V-shaped tread design. This allows the contact patch to be used to the full extent resulting in optimum grip in snow, ice and slush conditions. Even when the tire is worn, the tread design holds its shape to provide continued grip in winter conditions.
  • The tire contains FLEX-ICE 2.0 tread compound. This rubber mix is suitable for use in winter temperatures. The full silica-based compound allows the tire to remain flexible in severely cold temperatures.
  • The tire also features MICHELIN EverGrip technologies—an innovative tread compound with rigid polymer. This enables the tire to have a better grip on snow and ice throughout the life of the tire.
  • The tire contains two types of full-depth, interlocking 3-D sipes. This feature has been added so that the tire has an enhanced claw effect on snow and ice. The sipes also make for long-lasting biting edges.

Michelin is launching the tire as a replacement for the X-Ice Xi3 and Latitude X-Ice Xi2 tire lines. The tire will be released in fall 2020 in 82 sizes with speed ratings T and H for passenger vehicles, CUVs and SUVs with 14 to 22-inch rim diameters. Staring fall 2021, Michelin plans to release 41 more sizes.

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