Semiconductor Shortage

ray brisby

Vehicle Life Cycles: Long-Term Planning

Stretching time horizons can help fleets better prepare for the future. One of the biggest issues facing many fleet managers today is the shortage of new…
EV cars charging

Current Trends Shaping the Automotive Industry

Special Industry Leadership discussion touched on EVs, semiconductor chip shortages and changing consumer expectations. As part of this year’s Cox Automotive Fall Expo, a special Industry…

Outside the Box Marketing for Dealers

Unconventional thinking is helping dealers find the right cars for their customers despite intense competition in the used car market. Looking back over the last 18…
Rebekah Young Scotiabank Economics

Economic Outlook: Vehicle Prices Still High

Although inventory is starting to improve, supplies remain limited, pushing up demand and pricing. Canadian auto sales saw a bit of rebound in early summer after…

Global Auto Report: Supply Shortages Still an Issue

Scotiabank’s recent Global Auto Report sees “unbalanced” market conditions likely to continue for some time. On July 26, Scotiabank released its latest Global Auto Report. Highlighting…

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