LGM Financial Services

Gen Z and Service

The newest workers could be a big benefit to Fixed Ops. One of the biggest issues dealers are currently facing is a lack of qualified service…

Recruitment and Retention: The Right Message

Honest feedback and interaction is key to successful staff recruitment and retention. Often, two of the biggest challenges facing dealers are employee recruitment and retention. Whether…

Ongoing Learning & Development

Reimagining dealership profitability for now and the future. Now more than ever, customers are making it known that they’re willing to boycott businesses that aren’t meeting…

Investing, Training and Engaging Your Staff

Dealers that take the time to develop and retain their employees are far more likely to succeed long term. An ongoing issue impacting the automotive retail…

Generative AI: Next Level Engagement

Leveraging AI solutions to elevate the customer experience. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is probably the most talked about and hyped subject in the business world right now.…

Adam Hill & LGM: Rising to the Top

Since 1998, Adam Hill has steered his financial services firm to become a leader and innovator in automotive F&I products and solutions. In 2023, LGM Financial…

Customers, Products, Process

How to deliver a superior experience and enhance profitability. For many dealers, the F&I process can prove to be both a rewarding and challenging experience. Get…

Building Effective Service Retention

Sound strategies that work in both good times and bad. Service is the backbone of any dealership’s operations. Whether economic times are good, or bad, customers…


Léveillé Toyota
Accounting Clerk
  Full time
Automobile Andredi
Painter Finisher
  Full time
Mazda Pointe-aux-Trembles
New & pre-owned Representative
  Full time
Rombotis Tuning Inc
Service Advisor
  Temporary with possibility of being permanent
BMW - Mini Ste-Agathe
New & Pre-Owned Vehicles Sales Representative
  Full time

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