Bumper to Bumper Pièces d’auto Joliette: Maintaining Consistency While Adapting to Change

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As the owner of Bumper to Bumper Pièces d’Auto Joliette, Élisabeth Lambert represents a daily commitment to the industry, her community and her family. Photo Karyne Plouffe

If you’re involved in the automotive secondary market—whether directly or indirectly— then, you’ve probably heard of Élisabeth Lambert. 

For those of you who don’t know, Élisabeth is the new owner of Bumper to Bumper Pièces d’auto Joliette and her strong business acumen, passion for the industry and natural, human approach are an inspiration. 

Élisabeth became the sole owner of the parts store this January. The culmination of a long road she set out upon when she first took a summer job delivering parts for the company that her mother worked for while she was still a student. 

She no doubt enjoyed the experience because when she finally got her bachelor’s degree in administrative marketing, she took up a position there as an accounting controller. “One thing just led to another,” she says, “as I learned more about the company and the team, and took on more responsibilities.” 

She became a shareholder of the 30+/- employee business in 2016 eight years ago. 

A strong network 

“The two former owners were actually my partners and provided me with a lot of guidance and advice,” she pursues. “I had a great team of people around me right from the beginning, many of whom are still with us today.” 

The business is a long-standing member of the Uni-Select network. First under the Auto Parts Plus banner and now under the Bumper to Bumper banner. “It’s a natural transition,” she explains. “I have always liked the Uni-Select business model. They provide support without hindering entrepreneurship. Bumper to Bumper is a banner with great brand spread.” 

“We’re pleased to see Élisabeth take over the business and join the Bumper to Bumper network. Her commitment to excellence and customer-oriented approach are perfectly aligned with our company values. We’re convinced that her contribution will be a major asset in strengthening our market presence. This is a great example of a non-family takeover, an inspiring transition model for our industry,” states Émilie Gaudet, President and Chief Operating Officer for Bumper to Bumper. 

For the owner, maintaining close ties with partner workshops is paramount. “We’ve committed to the electric vehicle maintenance and repair training program, for example. We want to support our workshops so that they embrace this technological challenge, just as we’ve been able to face all manner of other challenges over the years.” 

A constant commitment 

She has shown an extraordinary level of commitment in this traditionally male environment. As AIA Canada Quebec Division President, she’s overseen litigation on such issues as succession and the right to repair, the latter battle having recently led to positive, concrete results. 

Élisabeth is also on the board of directors of Moisson Lanaudière, a food bank that supports 70 organizations throughout the Lanaudière area. 

“Though I’m very busy,” admits Élisabeth, “I do manage to spend time with my partner and our two teenagers. They are true athletes and fortunately, like us, they like to have busy schedules.” 



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