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WD-40’s latest range of Low VOC products incorporate Smart Straw and EZReach technology. Photo WD-40

WD-40 has introduced a range of low VOC compliant products that are easier to use and save time for professionals. 

In January 2024, new Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) regulations came into effect in Canada. Under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) of 1989, these new regulations require that any products classified as lubricants must have a VOC level of 25% or less. Additionally, all regulated products must be labeled with the date of manufacture, or a representative code and that code declared to the Government of Canada, if required. This has led to some confusion that some popular brands of solvents and other products such as automotive cleaners and degreasers will no longer be available in Canada. 

Compliant products 

As far as WD-40 is concerned, Sheree Yoon, Canadian Marketing Manager for the brand, says that this is not the case. While 15 SKUs from this popular brand are impacted, WD-40 has taken steps to ensure that going forward, a whole range of products are compliant with the 25% or less VOC mandate. “We’ve been offering products formulated for the VOC 25% or less requirement in the U.S. for the past 10 years,” Yoon explains, “and for Canada, we began introducing them to the market in March 2023. 

VOCs—found in everything from carpets and deodorants— to air fresheners, fuels and solvents, impact air quality. This including the formation of oxides of nitrogen (smog), as well as having adverse effects on both short and long-term health, plus the potential to contaminate ground water and soil when disposed of. Therefore, any steps to reduce VOC content is seen as a positive step. 

 Besides introducing a range of low VOC products, WD-40 has been further improving its offerings for both consumers and industry professionals. A good example is the company’s Smart Straw and EZ Reach technology. Smart Straw solves the age-old problem of what to do with the plastic straw traditionally taped to the side of WD-40 products. Instead of having a detachable straw that could easily fall out when trying to penetrate, clean or lubricate hard to reach places, such as under the hood of a vehicle, Smart Straw features a straw that’s integrated with the spray mechanism on the top of the canister. Additionally, a nozzle on top enables the user to alternate spray velocity allowing them to squirt a little or a lot, depending on the task. 

 Flexible straw 

Further expanding upon the Smart Straw concept, is EZ Reach, which incorporates a flexible straw that allows the user even better access for hard-to-reach areas. Yoon also explains that EZ Reach was designed with professionals such as automotive technicians in mind, since it allows them to save time when working on vehicles, since they aren’t looking for straws, or struggling to penetrate specific bolts, fasteners or fittings that might be rusted or seized. The result means more efficiency per repair order, meaning more revenue for both the technician and the business in which they work. 

While WD-40 is best known for its blue and yellow labeled products, it also offers a wide-range of professional products, for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) including automotive and industrial applications. These include everything from penetrants to white lithium greases, to Spray and Stay Gels and dry lube products. “These are widely available for purchase,” says Yoon “and are designed to ensure automotive and industrial professionals always have the right products for the right job.” 



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