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Michaël Liebel from SKF explaining the benefits of the Smart Air system. Photo Michel Beaunoyer

Supplier SKF presents an innovative cabin filter while preparing to introduce a range of steering and suspension replacement parts for 2024.

One of the products worth mentioning at the SKF booth is undoubtedly the new Smart Air cabin filter.

It is a device that plugs into the vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system and slides into the cabin filter compartment.

This new generation of filtration offers the best possible air quality.

The electrostatic system makes suspended particles electrically charged, which attracts them to the filter. The mechanical filter ensures the capture of larger particles, notably pollen and dust. This solution removes 99.97% of viruses and bacteria circulating in the air.

The manufacturer estimates that it captures 10 times more ultra-fine particles than a traditional filter while eliminating odors. The filter that completes the system can be replaced in a few minutes.

What’s more, an application linked to the filtration system makes it possible to monitor its effectiveness in real time, indicating when to replace it.

Launched in November in our market, it will gradually be available for a wide variety of vehicles.

Isabella Nordstrom, marketing director for the automotive aftermarket division for SKF, also indicates that the company is preparing for the introduction of several steering and suspension parts for 2024.

“We want to cover all vehicle brands, she says. We will start with the most popular parts and also ensure that we offer a solution for the most common problem cases under the car.”



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