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The Carquest team was delighted to meet up with its AutoPLACE members at this major event. Photos Luc Champagne

The Big Gathering Carquest’s AutoPLACE workshops, which took place from September 22 to 24 at the Manoir Saint-Sauveur, was a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and share best practice.

Some 260 people attended the reunion after the pandemic break. The pleasure of reconnecting with these entrepreneurs, managers and suppliers was evident as discussions flowed over breaks and meals.

“We sensed a community of spirit among the participants, people who work hard and for whom the quality of their relationships with their workers, customers and suppliers is the essence of their success. This commitment and these values are in line with our vision, and the success of this meeting is testament to that,” explains Raul Campean, Sales Director for Carquest and organizer of the event.

Focus on human resources

Representatives of AutoPLACE workshops from all over Quebec attended a variety of presentations focusing on human resources development, while getting an overview of the automotive market from Jean-François Champagne, President of AIA Canada.

“The network is doing very well,” says Robert Sévigny, Vice President and General Manager of Carquest Canada’s Quebec division. “Our AutoPLACE shops are in every region of Quebec and Carquest serves some 4,000 shops across the province. We see that AutoPLACE members are relying on the banner for the long term to develop their businesses.”

In this area, the network offers support in managing company operations and staff training. “Our employees are directly linked to our success,” says Sévigny. That’s why during this meeting we focused on the importance of creating an environment that fosters their well-being and development. All this while supporting them so that they can be competitive and offer a value-added service.”

Recognition was also in the cards, with the organization highlighting the loyalty of AutoPLACE workshops, some of which have been wearing the colours for more than 25 years.

“We have also encouraged exchanges between members, but also with suppliers and partners,” adds Campean. Speaking about best practices, seeing the technical solutions available to offer new services pushes these entrepreneurs to the top.”

What Sévigny also remembers about the event is the positive atmosphere that prevailed. “We’re here to give them the tools and support they need to succeed. But this success, this value they add to their experience for their employees and their customers, is entirely their own!”

Here are some photos from the event.



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