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Bestbuy shareholders, corporate team and vendors assemble for a special group photo at the trade show on May 6.
Bestbuy's 2023 Board of Directors presents Dr. Mike Seed, Division Head of Cardiology at SickKids Children's Hospital, with a cheque for $15,775 during the Gala Awards evening.
Dorman Products Receive the 2022 Horace J. Pratt Vendor of the Year Award.
Mevotech received a Bestbuy Partner Award…
…as did Promax.
The Marketing Partner award went to BBB Industries.
Bosch Canada received The Cornerstone Award.
The Rising Star Award went to Liqui Moly.
Wayne and Patricia Heimpel, of Heimpel Automotive, received a recognition of 55 Years of Service as a Bestbuy member. Wayne and Patricia also got a standing ovation from all the gala attendees.
Raco Auto Supply received an award celebrating 35 Years of Service.
For 30 years of Service Distribution Pieces D' Auto Mobus Received Recognition.
For 25 years of Service, Pieces D'Auto Charron received recognition…
…as did Les Pieces G.R.
Fincham Auto Supply received an award for 10 years' service.
As did George Solomon & Sons.
Vendors were busy at the trade show on May 6.
Bosch team poses for a photo with their Cornerstone Partner Award (L-R) Diego De Simone, Cameron Young and Anthony Henderson.
Gary Bostic from BBB Industries, displays The Marketing Partner Award.
The Mevotech team with their Partner Award at the trade show. (L-R) Jacques Nadeau, Scott Rogers, Brad Thomas and Ashley Bresser.
The Doorman Products team displays their prestigious Horace J. Pratt 2022 Vendor of the Year award during the trade show (L-R) Jason Robinson, Andrew Connor and David Robinson.
The DRiV/Garage Gurus team had lots on display at the trade show (L-R) Dan Gamblin, Anthony Bartino, Mark Hay and Brad Shaddick.
The Promax team displays their Bestbuy Partner Award at the Trade Show (L-R) Doug Curliss, Anthony Didiano and Scott Stone.
Ray Proulx, represented KYB at the trade show event.
At the Valvoline booth, we caught up with Scott Demay.
Representing Castrol were Dave Charles (left) and Anthony Stadelman.
At Standard Motor Products/Blue Streak, we ran into Kevin Gorman (left) and Dave Desmarais.
Photo Huw Evans

The event drew shareholders and vendors from across North America for a truly special occasion.

May 4-6 saw Bestbuy Distributors host its 2023 Annual General Meeting and Trade Show. Each year, Bestbuy shareholders from across Canada and vendors from across North America attend and it is a major highlight on the automotive aftermarket industry calendar. The 2023 event was special, with a 70th Anniversary celebration of the founding of Bestbuy in 1953.

New board announced

President & Chief Operating Officer Bill Hay took the opportunity to introduce the 2023 Bestbuy Board of Directors at the Special 70th Anniversary Awards gala on the evening on May 5. Serving as Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer is Doug Wilson of Fat Guys Auto Parts; in the Vice-Chair role is Gary Thibault, from The Partsman. Treasurer for 2023, is Scott Anderson, Peterborough Automotive; while Tony Racioppo, Fincham Automotive Supplies; John Brunelle, Parts Stop Auto & Industrial; Michael MacPherson, Down East Auto Parts; Rob Dow, Jack Dow Auto Supplies; and Arthur Edwards, Northwest Auto Parts serve as Directors.

The Bestbuy Board of Directors also took the opportunity to present its annual contribution to support the SickKids Family Heart Centre, in conjunction with Dr. Mike Seed, the Division Head of Cardiology at SickKids in Toronto. The board presented Seed with a cheque of $15,775.00—donated from the money raised in support of the Heart Centre.

Awards of excellence

Hay and Wilson also took the opportunity to present several vendor Awards of Excellence during the gala evening. Hay stated, “These awards officially celebrate the vendor community who are instrumental in Bestbuy’s success and growth.”

Dorman Products received the prestigious Horace J. Pratt 2022 Vendor of the Year award in recognition of service excellence, sales performance, and support. Andrew Connor, Jason Robinson, and David Robinson of Dorman accepted the award.

Additional vendor awards were presented at the gala evening. These included: BBB Industries for the Marketing Partner Award recipient. Meanwhile, Mevotech and ProMax jointly received the Bestbuy Partner Award, while the Cornerstone Partner Award went to Bosch Canada. Liqui Moly received the Rising Star Award.

Shareholder anniversary awards

The large group of 250 guests applauded the seven recipients for Shareholder Anniversary Recognition, acknowledging the years of Bestbuy membership support and service. Hay and Wilson presented the celebratory distinctions to George Solomon & Sons, 10 years; Fincham Automotive Supplies, 10 years; Les Pièces G.R., 25 years; Pièces D’Auto Charron, 25 years; Distribution Pièces D’Auto Mobus, 30 years; Raco Auto Supply, 35 years; and Heimpel Automotive, 55 years.

The assembled audience also gave a standing ovation to Wayne & Patricia Heimpel, as they took centre stage. The Heimpels have now sold the business and are enjoying the next leg of their journey-namely retirement. Wayne Heimpel took the opportunity to talk about his time with Bestbuy and the friendships and success that have resulted.

Following the awards, the evening featured special entertainment, courtesy of the multi-talented Painchaud family. Able to play multiple instruments with perfect pitch and combine them with dazzling visuals, the Painchaud delivered a truly unique and interactive experience that wowed the audience.

On Saturday, May 6, the trade show officially opened at Bestbuy’s Toronto warehouse location on American Drive. As a special occasion, attendees assembled for a special 70th Anniversary group photo, in a similar fashion to the company’s 60th anniversary celebration in 2013. Multiple products were on display and there was ample opportunity to network and conduct business.

Hats off to the Bestbuy team for another superb event and we look forward to the next one!


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