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Shad’s has donated over $5.3 million to Muscular Dystrophy Canada. Photo Shirley Brown

This June marks the 48th year of the charitable institution called Shad’s R&R For the Kids and its big-hearted giving to Muscular Dystrophy Canada (MDC)!

Mark it on your calendars and get ready to have a fabulous day on the golf course for an exceptionally worthwhile cause—Thursday, June 22nd.

Shads R&R, as an industry event, has donated over $5.3 million to MDC for more than 47 years. The Shad’s Board of Directors knows the importance of ensuring that this charity continues and cannot stop. Because of the severe challenges of COVID over the last two years, that need is greater than ever! So, let’s all get out and support Shad’s R&R in 2023.

Board of Directors

Shad’s Board of Directors are all very conscientious volunteers and eager to help. In that respect, we asked a few of the senior board members why they volunteered. Scott Stone of Promax Auto had this to say: “For me, the reason why I was honoured to be involved in Shad’s is both a family and industry legacy. My Father was one of the early leaders of this charity event, and when my time came, it was natural for me ‘to carry the torch’. But most importantly, it’s an Industry legacy. It’s rare for a charity event to carry on for 48 years like Shad’s has. Most events flame out after a few years. To see the generosity and camaraderie of all associated with this event is energizing. Shad’s has continued to make a huge impact on those afflicted with MD, and to hear the annual updates from the researchers on the advancements they are making to find a “cure” for this disease, is forever uplifting and encouraging. In a world where the daily news cycle is often bleak, Shad’s and the many volunteers, put a smile on your face! ‘ 

Luc Champagne of Autosphere told us that when he was asked to join Shad’s Board and be in the automotive publishing sector, his aim was to get himself and his competitors in the automotive media more involved thus bringing more attention to Shad’s and its purpose! As the only French Canadian on the Board, he could broadcast the significance of Shad’s and its charitable cause to those in French Canada who may not be aware of how this golf event so earnestly and gladly helps Muscular Dystrophy Canada and get them to come out and support Shad’s R&R for the Kids.

Together at Shad’s

Next, we spoke with Mike Fazackerley of Matthew Scott Marketing Communications who had a story to relate: “I started in the auto aftermarket in the very late 80s. I was aware back then of the ‘Shad’s’ event, but not the genesis or the purpose/cause. I only viewed this as an “exclusive” event reserved for the most senior and respected of Industry executives. My thoughts back then were only “what a privilege it must be, to be considered as an invited attendee”. Shad’s was motivation to excel; simply to one day be invited! Here were the people I admired and respected. And all together at one event!  Same, as I came to learn, “put your pants on one leg at a time” Individuals who shed competitive influence for a day and joined together to support an incredible cause. No superstars or celebrities, just good folks doing a great thing! What a privilege to be there! And now, about 35 years later, I have exactly the same view. What an honour and incredible privilege to attend! It’s yet unchanged almost 50 years later. A group of incredible, respected individuals setting aside competition for a day and joining in solidarity and support of such a worthy cause. I still feel so blessed, privileged and fortunate to be a part of.”

Cameron Young of Bosch had this to say about being a member of the board for Shad’s R&R: “I was honoured and excited when invited to become a member of the Shad’s Board. I have always considered Shad’s event the highlight of the Canadian Automotive Aftermarket. The networking and camaraderie, combined with significant fundraising for the Muscular Dystrophy Canada Charity make me extremely proud to be a part of this wonderful industry.”

Support generated

As the Administrator of Shad’s, Marilyn James said, “I have been the administrator for Shad’s for approximately 10 years now and it never ceases to amaze me the support this fundraiser generates for the cause within the industry. Every year we hear guest speakers talk of the advancements in research for MD and how close they are to curing this disease which means the children diagnosed will live full lives. That to me is heart-warming and why I volunteer each year for this cause.”

As you all can see, it is significantly worth it to become involved with Shad’s R&R For the Kids even if you just play in the golf event or make a contribution… it all helps Muscular Dystrophy Canada get closer to a cure!


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