Continental Launches Full Line of OE Quality Oil, Fuel, Air & Cabin Filters

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A Full Line of OE Quality Oil, Fuel, Air & Cabin Filters. Photo Continental

Continental has just added a new line of filtration products to its fast-growing aftermarket products portfolio.

The new line features a wide range of OE quality oil, fuel, air, and cabin filters for applications on domestic and import cars, vans, SUVs, and light trucks.

“Built to ensure safe engine operation and clean air in the vehicle interior, our premium OE quality filters are designed to deliver reliable protection against dirt, abrasion, ultrafine particles and moisture for injection systems, engines, and passengers. These world-class filters are produced to the same quality and performance standards we apply to our original equipment parts,” noted Laura Huerst, Continental Product Manager.

Advanced technologies

Continental premium oil filters are manufactured using the most advanced technologies and innovative filter media available to ensure the best engine performance and minimum fuel consumption. This is especially important as the industry’s use of new “long-life” oils and longer service intervals continue to increase. The filters are offered in spin-on and immersion designs.

Continental air filters help ensure a constant air supply to the combustion chamber by efficiently filtering out impurities and dirt particles that can clog injectors, increase engine wear, and affect fuel consumption. They are designed to deliver superior efficiency and feature a high dirt particle absorption capacity.

Continental Cabin filters feature pollen and active carbon formulation that provides the best possible atmosphere and comfort in the vehicle interior, even under adverse weather conditions. They offer a very high level of efficiency and microbiological decomposition, as well as excellent resistance to moisture. The pollen filters are made of nonwoven material that can capture more than 90% of particles with a diameter of over 2 μm. The nonwoven activated carbon filters can capture particles of 0.01 to 2 μm and effectively prevent gas, bacteria, fungi, and odours from entering the vehicle’s interior.

Cutting-edge technology

Continental gasoline fuel filters employ cutting-edge technology to meet the demands of modern high-performance fuel injection systems. The filters are designed to retain impurities of less than a micrometre and also separate water from fuel to help prevent power loss and potential engine damage.

Continental is a leading aftermarket supplier of OE-engineered parts for HVAC and engine cooling, door systems, tire pressure monitoring systems, engine management, fuel systems, and instrumentation, as well as automotive diagnostic systems, premium wiper blades, air, cabin, fuel, and oil filters, and brake system parts and fluid.

For more information, visit continentalaftermarket.com or contact: [email protected].



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