KYB’s Spring Feeling Is Believing Launches March 1

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‘Feeling Is Believing’ rebate program. PHOTO KYB

Time and winter weather can be hard on vehicles, especially on suspension components.

If your customer’s vehicles have over 75,000 miles (120,000 km) on them, this spring is a great time to recommend they replace their shocks and struts. KYB provides the correct car, truck, SUV and CUV solutions that help restore or improve the original designed handling and control characteristics that have deteriorated over time.

Beginning March 1, consumers benefit with the launch of KYB’s popular consumer rebate promotion, Feeling is Believing. Feeling is Believing allows consumers to earn a reward for purchasing a set of 4 KYB units between March 1 and April 30. The offer is valid on all KYB shocks, struts, Strut-Plus and Truck-Plus complete assemblies.

Consumers will earn up to $75 when they purchase four KYB units. This promotion is open to consumers in Canada, the U.S. and Puerto Rico, whether they purchase the shocks from a professional service provider, on-line retailer or from a parts store. For more information, please visit www.kyb.com/save.


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