AAPEX 2021: Batteries for All Applications with East Penn

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Donna Snyder of East Penn in front of her company's Intimidator battery line. PHOTO Michel Beaunoyer

The East Penn battery manufacturer offers a complete line of replacement batteries for all types of cars on the market.

Marketed under the Deka brand, these batteries have a multitude of applications and have been developed to meet the requirements of the latest generation of vehicles.

“For example, our AGM battery is a good match for vehicles with stop-and-go systems that need to restart the engine after a set amount of downtime,” says Donna Snyder, vice president of marketing for East Penn.

“The demand for electricity in modern cars is always increasing and it is also possible to replace a conventional lead acid battery with a part from this technology.”

The AGM battery developed by East Penn can handle this increased demand while providing longer life, superior cold weather starting and better vibration resistance.

Snyder also mentions that many cars, including electric vehicles, have auxiliary batteries that must also be maintained and replaced as needed.

By visiting eastpenncanada.com you can access a battery selector that guides you directly to the applicable battery choices for each model and model year.


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