Mevotech Releases 358 New Engineered Chassis & Control Arm Solutions

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Mevotech’s new engineered chassis & control arm solutions. PHOTO Mevotech

Mevotech announced the introduction of 358 new part numbers.

Focusing on continually providing engineered solutions for the Professional Technician, the new part numbers cover a wide range of domestic and import passenger vehicles, trucks and SUVs up to 2021.

This release expands both the premium Supreme and ultra-engineered TTX programs with additional control arms, ball joints, inner and outer tie rod ends, stabilizer bar links and wheel hub assemblies.

These parts feature X-Factor design and material upgrades for higher durability and longer service life.

Additionally, Professional Technicians now have access to more replacement bushing options for control arms, steering knuckles and stabilizer bars.

Engineered Repair Solutions 

Highlights from the release include:

Patented front lower control arms for the 2021-2018 Honda Odyssey – providing an extended part service life with Mevotech’s exclusive patented BiMetallic technology (US Patent No. 8757648) and other upgrades.

 7 new ultra-engineered TTX wheel hub assemblies – including:

 Enhanced steering repair alternatives – reducing installation time and improving overall part durability for the:


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