AAPEX 2021: WIX Presents Protec Filter Range

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Alison Grabowski introduced Wix's newest line of Protec filters at AAPEX 2021. PHOTO Michel Beaunoyer

At the AAPEX show in Las Vegas, the company Wix presented a new family of filters under the signature Protec.

The new range includes oil filters, but also air and cabin filters.

Recently introduced in the United States, these products will be available in our market during the first quarter of next year.

Coverage will be significant as oil filters will meet the needs of 96% of the vehicles currently on the road, air filters will meet the needs of 83% and cabin filters will meet the needs of 80% of models.

The Protec oil filter is intended for normal use with an estimated 16,000 km of engine protection. It is the ideal filter for the everyday car.

“This filter is an evolution offering better protection for this type of piece,” says Alison Grabowski, senior director of marketing at Wix. “We’ve positioned the part code on the front of the package, which will make it easier for technicians to choose the right filter from the inventory.”

Tina Davis, Purolator’s senior director of marketing, emphasized the importance of garages recommending regular cabin filter replacement to their customers.

Tina Davis presented a viral cabin filter that is currently available only in the U.S. market. PHOTO Michel Beaunoyer

His division has developed a U.S.-approved filter that captures more contaminants, including viruses, and may make its way to our market one day.


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