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We were saddened to learn of the sudden demise of Bob Greenwood, Founder of AAEC—Automotive Aftermarket E-Learning Centre Ltd. Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

Bob was an Accredited Master Automotive Manager (AAM) and extremely well-liked and respected throughout the automotive aftermarket industry.

He was one of 150 worldwide AMI-approved instructors. His Business Management courses, directed to repair shop owners and managers, plus Jobber and Jobber sales representatives, brought so many of his ‘pupils’ better profitability as he showed them concisely and simply how to work through their issues and develop activities to have a stronger business.

Personal experience

Greenwood indeed had a huge impact on many throughout the aftermarket industry here in Canada and North America.

Bob was often a keynote speaker at various industry events as he had so much personal experience working with all sectors of the aftermarket—Jobbers, Repair Shops, Warehouse Distributors and Manufacturers.

Bob was the first and is the only Canadian Business Management Consultant to be presented the Northwood University Automotive Aftermarket Management Education Award for 2003, and in 2012, he was awarded the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Many in the industry worked with Bob and learned from him… he was very personable and understood the needs of those in the aftermarket.

Diane Freeman, Executive Director of the Automotive Aftermarket Retailers of Ontario said, “AARO members are saddened to hear of the tragic loss of Bob. He was always there to lend a helping hand and make sure that the automotive aftermarket industry continued to thrive. Bob was a big inspiration and motivator to many shop owners and if it weren’t for Bob they would not be here today. As one of our AARO members put it, Bob had many smart, amazing words of wisdom. Truly an icon that will be missed by so many.”

In an email to Diane, Bob said, “Let’s keep our Aftermarket moving forward to the next level. As always if there are any questions or anything I can do for you, never hesitate to contact me.”

Greenwood had a passion

And from Susan Hitchon who worked with Bob at AAEC, “It would be virtually impossible to sum up what Bob Greenwood did for a living in just a few sentences!

“Throughout his 40 years in the automotive aftermarket, he was driven purely by his passion for improving the image of our industry by helping, coaching and mentoring the good folks who serve the public and work on their vehicles—the automotive service provider. He believed that if we could help the ASP be successful in running a professional business and providing quality service then our entire industry would benefit.

“As President and CEO of the Automotive Aftermarket E-Learning Centre (AAEC), Bob was laser-focused on training and developing the next generation of ASPs. He conducted hundreds of inspirational management training sessions for his clients helping them transform their business from an average shop to a profitable, professional, well-oiled machine! No topic was off limits for his coaching sessions… he provided detailed instruction on how to analyze the business’ financials, strategies for improving net profit, the importance of maintaining a professional brand image, succession planning, and more. He conducted regional focus group sessions to encourage independent shops to work together to better understand and overcome the challenges facing our industry. And more importantly, he was reliable. He was ALWAYS available for any of his clients; to lend an ear, to talk through an issue, to discuss new opportunities. Everyone could count on Bob.”

This was Bob Greenwood—a great teacher and a caring person. He will be sorely missed by many in the automotive aftermarket.

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