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Epicor Software Corporation, announced that it is expanding its automotive aftermarket data “factory” by using artificial intelligence. PHOTO Unsplash

Epicor Software Corporation, announced that it is expanding its automotive aftermarket data “factory” by using artificial intelligence/natural language processing capabilities to capture part and service insights from vehicle repair events.

This additional information will be integrated into existing and future Epicor Industry Data Analytics solutions used by aftermarket parts manufacturers, distribution networks, independent distributors and service chains.

Epicor has contracted with Predii, an enterprise AI software company specializing in the automotive aftermarket, to apply AI in assessing repair event data flowing through the Epicor data factory.

This new process will further refine and enrich vehicle part and service insights embedded within Epicor analytics used at every level of the aftermarket.

“Our customers have made it clear that getting the right part to the right place at the right time has never been more important,” said Rod Bayless, senior director, Industry Data Analytics, Epicor.

Tilak Kasturi, founder and CEO of Predii, said: “As a pioneer in leveraging AI to extract actionable insights and analytics out of parts, service, and repair data, we are excited to have been selected by Epicor to support their Industry Data Analytics solutions. Predii looks forward to continuing our long history of infusing innovation into aftermarket solutions.”

Epicor aftermarket data analytics today offer visibility to more than 1 billion part transactions and nearly 140 million vehicle repair events per year.

In addition, the company’s cloud data pools track current availability and historical performance of inventory items representing virtually all popular brands and product categories.

  • Solutions now available include:
  • industry brand and item market performance indices
  • vehicle part replacement rates
  • predicted vehicle maintenance by year/make/model/engine
  • predicted inventory assortment models to ZIP code level; vehicle repair market “baskets” featuring related items and adjacent repair events
  • brand-specific product catalog holes and market coverage analyses by vehicle

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