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Tru-Point System. PHOTO John Bean

A new video from John Bean demonstrates how performing advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) calibration with the integrated Tru-Point system can help increase productivity and drive more business to their shops.

The new video, entitled Tru-Point ADAS Calibration System, can be found on the MyTru-Point.com website.

As well as on the John Bean YouTube channel, and demonstrates the benefits Tru-Point provides to shops.

“ADAS calibration presents a growing opportunity for shops to drive more vehicles into their bays. Our new video provides a thorough overview of how Tru-Point can help shops capture and service that new business,” said Mariana Montovaneli, Director of Marketing for John Bean.

“The video explains how the Tru-Point system combines high camera technology, targets and advanced software to save valuable time and generate accurate results.

ADAS calibration tool

John Bean Tru-Point is the only ADAS calibration tool that lets shops validate if vehicles meet OEM alignment specifications as well as proper target placement procedures.

Real-time and visual target placement instructions streamline the ADAS calibration process from start to finish and accurate, easy-to-read reporting clearly identifies vehicle service needs.

“Minimal training is required to operate Tru-Point,” said Montovaneli.

“Tru-Point is also the only ADAS calibration tool that compensates for floor leveling and completes the calibration process quickly. Even when performing an alignment check.”

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