BCA Bearings Augments Coverage with Line Additions

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BCA bearings
Wheel hub repair kit. PHOTO BCA Bearings

NTN, the parent company of BCA Bearings, has announced the addition of 14 new product SKUs to the BCA product line.

This July 2021 release continues to expand the coverage of BCA’s product line and includes wheel hub assemblies and wheel hub repair kits.

These new SKUs provide coverage for popular, late-model, import and domestic applications.

“The new SKUs included in our July release add coverage for applications where we are projecting fresh demand for model years up through 2020,” said Rina Dafnis, Product Associate, Automotive Aftermarket.

“We continuously analyze North American VIO to determine the appropriate time to add coverage and stay ahead of demand, while also adding coverage for more niche applications.”

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