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Kyb earn reward program
Service Providers: Earn With KYB. PHOTO ShutterStock

Earn With KYB allows all employees of Automotive Service Providers and Tire Dealers to earn a reward between August 1st and September 30th.

Each registered user will receive a KYB Excel-Gold Prepaid Mastercard and have access to a dedicated dashboard that will show real-time updates on their claims, payout dates and amounts.

The KYB Excel-Gold Prepaid Mastercard will also be used for KYB’s upcoming Truck Months promotion and for all future KYB promotions.

Funds will be added ongoing as purchases are registered.

The reward schedule for Earn With KYB 2021 is as follows:

  • Earn $50 on each sale and installation of 4 KYB struts or KYB Strut-Plus
  • Earn $25 on each sale and installation of 2 KYB struts or KYB Strut-Plus AND 2 KYB shocks
  • Earn $10 on each sale and installation of 4 KYB shocks

Service Providers are also encouraged to utilize the free KYB Road Test app as a sales tool when recommending shocks and struts.

The app provides instructions on how to perform a 3 Minute Mile road test to determine if shocks and struts are worn enough to need replacing.

The results are shown in a simple report and can be emailed and/or texted to customers to help them see the evidence for themselves.

Service Providers who send a minimum of 10 reports during the promotion period will be sent a KYB 3 Minute Mile hat.

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