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Dayco Crimper. PHOTO Dayco

Dayco, an engine products and drive systems specialist, launched a crimper program for customers in North America that stock hydraulic components.  

The new hydraulic crimper program simplifies the process of securing or upgrading to a new crimper by providing a significant discount on three of the most popular crimper models offered.

This special incentive program went into effect as of July 1st with a specific minimum purchase of any combination of Dayco hydraulic hoses and couplings.

A range of models

Each crimper has a different capacity.

The minimum one-time buy will vary depending on the model and specific crimping needs.

Dayco’s hydraulic crimpers are dependable descendants of a long line of hydraulic crimpers that originated in 1980.

Customizable with a choice of optional die sets and storage boxes.

All crimpers are fully adjustable with the use of a micrometre for a perfect crimp every time.

The three crimpers included in the program are:

  • D105DC Crimper– Delivering 35 tons of crimping force, this crimper includes a 1 HP pump and four strain rods for reinforcement and added precision and durability.  
  • D165DC Crimper– Providing 60 tons of crimping force, this crimper quickly and easily works on materials most small crimpers are unable to handle.
  • D206DC Crimper– Specially designed for crimping a wide range of hose and coupling styles, this is the most versatile crimper Dayco offers. Providing 80 tons of crimping force, it comes with seven different sets of crimp dies.

Dayco hoses, couplings and crimping machines are designed to work as an effective and reliable assembly system.

With more than 1,000 part numbers, Dayco offers extensive hydraulics coverage with a comprehensive line of premium hoses and fittings for most industrial applications such as those in:

  • Agriculture
  • Timber
  • Construction equipment
  • Manufacturing and transportation


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