Schrader Shares 2020 Digital Training Efforts

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The Schrader Academy. PHOTO Schrader

The TPMS e-Training course offered on TPMSAcademy.com is a module-based learning platform that covers topics like TPMS legislation, sensor types, installation best practices, programming, relearning and more.

If users complete all 5 modules with an 80% or higher, they receive an official certificate of completion.

“It is great to see so many service professionals and students taking advantage of our free e-Training portal.This training encompasses the basics of TPMS training and is geared towards anyone looking to master TPMS,” says Yanick Leduc, Global Technical Training Manager, Schrader TPMS Solutions.

“Last year we received more than 2200 registrations and we are excited to continue delivering this accessible and high-quality educational content directly from the leading OE manufacturer.”

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