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Rislone Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement. Photo: Rislone

While the petroleum-based formula is unchanged, this iconic product now wears Rislone Hy-per packaging. 

Rislone Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement is an engine additive that’s formulated to restore horsepower and torque; reduce friction and wear; extend oil life; quiet noisy engines; and help engines run better and last longer.

In short, it turns petroleum and synthetic oils into hyper-performance lubricants.

“Moving this legendary Hy-per Lube product under the Rislone brand umbrella expands our line of high-performance additives that use proven technology to provide hyper-performance,” says Clay Parks, Vice President of Development for Rislone.

Rislone Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement (P/N HPL201C) improves oil and engine performance in five ways:

  • It creates a protective film on all internal engine parts, even if the engine hasn’t been running for long periods of time, to counter engine wear during start-up.
  • It seals piston rings and valve guides to restore compression, which reduces oil consumption and exhaust smoke in high-mileage engines.
  • It significantly extends oil life with the added protection that improves viscosity and prevents thermal breakdown.
  • It reduces engine, gearbox and manual transmission temperature through its reduced-foam formula, minimizing heat trapped in the oil that can lead to premature wear and equipment failure.
  • It quiets drivetrain noise thanks to the extreme-pressure lubricant that enhances oil’s ability to cushion and absorb mechanical shock.

Rislone Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement uses a completely petroleum-based formula that will not void new car warranties and is compatible with all petroleum and synthetic oils, making it a multi-faceted product that any DIY customer can add to their vehicle’s oil.


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