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Castrol's mobile shelf
Wakefield's Mobile Pail Rack and Bucket System was launched last year and is starting to make its way into the shops floor. Photo: Wakefield

In a recent social media video, a shop owner described the positive impact of his decision to adopt the Castrol lubricant bucket system.

To meet the needs of new cars on the road, shops and garages need to stock many different grades of oil, whereas in the past, a few grades were sufficient.

Faced with this new reality, combined with the need to be more efficient and flexible in today’s business environment, Wakefield Canada has developed a new solution: offering Castrol EDGE, Castrol GTX MAGNATEC and Castrol Transmax fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid in convenient 18.9 litre buckets, with a unique and efficient dispensing system.

Shops can now maintain an inventory of seven pails of engine oil and transmission fluid more easily, servicing over 80% of vehicles in Canada.

Shannon Spano, Vice President, Sales for Wakefield Canada, said, “Shops need to be competitive and efficient to make profits, especially in light of this year’s challenges. “We have adapted our product offering by adding buckets to help our customers store, manage and distribute their inventory more efficiently,” she added.

No leaks

The innovative bucket solution includes reusable dispensing taps to easily pour liquids without damage at a fast and constant flow rate.

Once emptied, the buckets can be recycled for easy disposal, or used for other purposes in the shop, such as absorbent products or antifreeze. Wakefield also offers a unique pail shelf that holds six pails and six pouring cans for efficient hands-free dispensing.

Designed to be mobile, the shelf is equipped with wheels for easy movement and shifting, even when it’s full.

Greater mobility

The combination of buckets and shelf is designed to facilitate motor oil inventory management, as well as increasing productivity and improving profitability.

“This means that our customers can order the right product and packaging format to meet the needs of their specific customers,” continues Shannon Spano.

“This allows them to optimize their business and maximize their profits,” she concludes.

Along with other business solutions such as, Think Tank and Wakefield’s Oil Genius, the Wakefield Bucket Shelf is designed to enable shop owners to operate their business more efficiently and effectively.

To view the video recently shared by Wakefield Canada.


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