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For Brent Windom, the future will require great adaptability based on better communication. Photo: Uni-Sélect

Uni-Select’s Bumper to Bumper virtual conference, AUTOXPO, took place from January 15-17 with the well-chosen theme, “Take Part in the Future”.

During these three days, several experienced speakers shared their knowledge, particularly in terms of branding and customer relations. Participants were also able to learn more about the Bumper to Bumper Auto Service program. In addition to these conferences, information videos from suppliers allowed for shop managers to stay up to date on the latest products and services.

Uni-Select’s President and CEO, Brent Windom, launched the event, which had 4500 registrants across the country, by turning the spotlight on what the next few months have in store for the organization and its network members. Pointing out that Uni-Select has undergone many changes in its 50-year history, Windom stated that the new circumstances present a challenge for the industry.

“There has been a downturn that has been felt differently in various parts of Canada,” he admits, “but we are resilient and we have demonstrated that our services are essential to all Canadians. We want to be with you, adding value to our business and transforming the future. Through these changes, our passion and pride in our work are constant.”

According to Uni-Select’s President and CEO, we must continue to invest in the future. Citing the unique complexity of modern cars, he mentioned his commitment to AIA Canada and Auto Care Association in the U.S., to work for the Right to Repair and access to the data needed to do the job. Consumers need to have a choice in terms of service shop,” said Windom. “And if they can choose, the consumer will choose us.”

Accelerating Communications

Windom also explained that the growth of the company and its entire network depends on a more efficient communication flow. “We want to listen to you, so we can be a better provider. But you also have to listen to the consumer, so you can invest in the right strategies.” He says this development will also focus on working with trusted suppliers with strong brands and quality products.

Bumper to Bumper brand programs are designed to better meet the needs of consumers. Photo: Uni-Sélect

Aware that consumer habits have changed, Windom estimates that nearly 60% of workers are now working from home and that this trend will continue. This change will undoubtedly have an impact on the kilometers traveled. “COVID-19 will accelerate change. We want to be better partners, because I’m convinced that together we will get through it and win.”

The Expo continues

The Expo-Sale part of this event will continue until February 15. Accessible to registrants through the AUTOXPO platform, virtual booths will provide access to documentation on new products, as well as direct communication with product specialists. Visitors will also have access to rebates and contests.

Note that all conferences and technical videos will also remain available on this platform until February 15.

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