Extra Protection for the Turbo

Turbocharger Additive from LIQUI MOLY Photo: LIQUI MOLY

Due to their extremely high rotational speeds, the right lubrication is particularly important for turbochargers.

But this is missing if it has been replaced or reinstalled after a repair. Wear and the risk of damage is then particularly high. But it doesn’t have to be so. The Turbocharger Additive from LIQUI MOLY protects the sensitive unit when it is first used.

If a new turbocharger is installed or the old turbocharger is repaired, the plain bearings are dry. When the engine is started and the turbocharger starts for the first time, the motor oil has not yet lubricated all bearings. “Several 100,000 revolutions per minute without sufficient lubrication—that really takes it out of the material,” says Harry Hartkorn, Head of Application Technology at LIQUI MOLY. This not only causes a sudden increase in wear. It can also lead to initial damage that drastically shortens the service life of the turbocharger.

In order to prevent this, LIQUI MOLY has launched the Turbocharger Additive. The active ingredient combination in the tube contains the solid lubricant MoS2 in very high dosage. This MoS2 remains attached to the metal surfaces of the plain bearings and ensures lubrication at the first start-up of the turbocharger. It prevents failures and increases the service life of the turbocharger. Hartkorn says, “A small effort with a big benefit for every turbocharger replacement and repair.”

The small tube with Turbocharger Additive belongs to the Pro-Line of LIQUI MOLY. This is the product line that groups together the special chemical tools for professionals.


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