SEMA360: TPMS Programming Tool for Schrader

Autosphere » Mechanical » SEMA360: TPMS Programming Tool for Schrader
This new tool from Schrader allows the diagnosis and reprogramming of pressure sensors. Photo: Schrader

Pressure sensor supplier Schrader introduced several new products at SEMA360.

One of them is the new diagnostic and programming tool S56, part number 21256. This handy tool is used to diagnose and program EZ-sensor pressure sensors (TPMS) developed by the company, as well as sensors from other brands.

The tool can access the wireless Internet, which ensures that it always has the best coverage for the vehicles that are entrusted to the tire centers. Schrader is also offering five years of software updates free of charge.

The package is offered with a set of 30 EZ-sensors.

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