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Hofmann's new geoliner 678 makes the alignment and diagnosis of many advanced systems much easier. Photo: Hofmann

During SEMA360, Hofmann presented its latest version of its alignment equipment, the 678 Imaging geoliner.

This new precision equipment has been designed to simplify as much as possible the work of the technician working on wheel alignment. The machine is part of the range of alignment equipment offered by Hofmann.

The Geoliner 678 Imaging Wheel Aligner offers advanced technology based on intuitive software. The objective is to make all the information necessary for the technician to complete a complete and fast job easily accessible. The technician only has to follow the steps indicated simply by clicking. Adjustment errors are indicated during the process, which limits interruptions. This approach increases the pace of the process, which translates into more alignments done in a day.

Camera reading gives results in real-time, eliminating the need for re-measurement. In fact, the system will indicate if the tires are not all the right size and if the vehicle structure hides potential additional repairs.

Since the unit is connected to the Internet, car specifications, service bulletins, recalls, pressure sensor information and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) sensor repair or calibration processes can be quickly obtained.

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