AAPEX 2020: New for MechanicNet

The new version of mTexting enables faster and more efficient interaction with clients. Photo: Epicor

Taking advantage of the AAPEX 2020 virtual trade show, Epicor presented an update of its MechanicNet tool.

The MechanicNet Cloud CRM platform has been enhanced with several new features to support the growth of the shop floor support department. A reputation management tool and enhanced text applications are aimed at attracting more customers to the service bays and increasing customer loyalty.

Epicor Corporation, which markets the platform, announced these enhancements to its retention and marketing solution for the automotive industry.

Among the new features is a user-friendly social media score and reputation management tool. Each consumer rating is integrated into the OBD4 analysis table for easy access and quick response.

Photos and videos

The mTexting application has been enhanced to now allow the sending of photos and videos to speed up the client approval process for recommended jobs. This is a tool that is particularly appreciated by consumers, but also by workshops; all of which save time.

The new communication console has been redesigned and expanded to make responses simpler and to allow users to add and remove columns.

The OBD4 business board presents the most important performance indicators and offers the possibility of customer follow-up via email instead of postcards. The KPI table can now be transferred to other applications. Finally, the promotional material has been updated to increase its impact and response rate.


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