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In a licensing deal with FDP Virginia, Goodyear Brakes announced it is introducing a full line of braking components, available in Canada in early 2021.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for a trusted brand of braking components in the market today,” said Wally McCarty, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Goodyear Brakes. “While OEM braking systems have improved and advanced, driver assistance systems (ADAS) have reduced extreme brake wear and increased the brakes’ lifespan. There are very few well-known brand names in the brake category, so this makes it difficult for consumers to determine what are premium quality brake system components and fair prices when replacing brakes on their vehicle.”

Goodyear Brakes strives to help ensure drivers are selecting the safest solution for their vehicle. The product lineup offers the ideal solution for almost every braking need –saving money on their vehicle repairs, upgrading their performance, restoring their car, etc.

“The Goodyear Brakes mission is to provide the most trusted brand of braking components that make your vehicle as safe as possible,” noted Bob Bouwma, Director of Engineering and Advanced Technologies for Goodyear Brakes. “Our team of engineers and scientists work every day to improve the quality, performance and durability of each set of brakes we provide. Using the most advanced technology available in friction science today, the brake bundles are designed to be safe, quiet and long lasting.”

The portal is designed to give consumers a direct channel to identify their braking system needs using their VIN and license plate information, then order all of the components online. The website also provides expert advice, “How To” videos and proper guidance for brake maintenance and replacement projects.

Product Line
  • Goodyear Brakes premium brake pads are manufactured in the USA and specifically formulated to provide maximum stopping effectiveness, control and durability.
  • High-performance rotors are CNC-machined to build maximum performance, durability and safety into every rotor and feature a proprietary Antiox Max coating for maximum rust and corrosion protection, a critical protection needed for driving in inclement weather and brine-treated streets.
  • High-performance calipers built using exacting standards to match original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements, feature Antiox Max coating and come with the correct brackets and hardware to ensure a perfect installation. The calipers are remanufactured in North America, and a majority of that manufacturing process has returned to the U.S.
  • Hardware accompanies every brake bundle to ensure you have all of the high-quality parts to successfully complete your brake installation.


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