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HELLA Electronics product range. Photo: HELLA

The number and complexity of the electronic components used in vehicles has increased over the past few years. Up to 30% of the value of a well-equipped new car is down to its electrical, and more importantly – its electronic systems.

That’s not a question of fashion, but the result of consumers increasing demands for safety, convenience and infotainment. However, anything installed in a car is liable to fail someday. In 2007, the ADAC determined that 52% of all breakdowns are caused by faulty software or electronics. By 2021, experts predict that figure will be over 60%. Meanwhile, the need for competent diagnostics, electronic spares and technical services is at an all-time high.

HELLA’s product portfolio expansion ranges from complex body electronics, such as central control units and access systems, to various electronics components including sensors and vacuum pumps. In addition, HELLA also develops growing energy management and driver assistance systems segments (ADAS).

HELLA sensors enable smooth running from simple physics: speed sensors, air flow meters, knocking sensors, sensors for boost pressure/manifold pressure, temperature sensors for coolant/oil/air, lambda sensors, level sensors for oil/coolant/washing water, accelerator position and throttle valve position.

For exemple, one safety indicator from HELLA PAGID is the wheel speed sensors (ABS). Additionally, HELLA’s electronics portfolio offers solutions providing OE expertise with actuators, ignition coils, EGR valves, and throttle value supports, positioning elements for central locking and changeover valves.

A focus in HELLA developmental projects is always placed on products that increase driver safety. Included in this category is the rain/light sensor for windshields. The automatic wiper switch helps the driver to operate the relevant levers and the integrated light sensor controls the switching on and off of the low beam when confronted by different lighting conditions or during tunnel driving.

In the rain/light sensor, an integrated light sensor controls the switching on and off of the low beam when confronted by different lighting conditions. Photo: HELLA

In the agricultural sector, the Smart Universal Rotary Actuator (URA) from HELLA comes into play. Here CIPOS technology, combined with the advantage of high torque, enables precise and reliable seed metering and separation.

HELLA is also present in the field of radar sensor technology, more precisely with the further development of 77GHz and 24GHz radar technology, The compact sensor design creates new possibilities for integration, such as in the side of the vehicle. This enables a 360° view of environment recognition for identifying any moving objects around the vehicle, like pedestrians or even static objects.


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