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Rein Brake Vacuum Pumps For European Vehicles. Photo: CRP Automotive

CRP Automotive has introduced a new line of Rein Automotive Brake Vacuum Pumps designed for applications on popular European makes.

Developed to replace failed units, these OE-manufactured pumps help improve braking performance and increase driver safety. CRP Automotive offers 11 SKUs that deliver excellent coverage for Audi, Alpina, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce, Volkswagen, and Volvo models. Overall VIO across Canada and the U.S. is over 3.9 million vehicles.

Designed as easy plug-and-play replacements, the brake vacuum pumps provide an excellent solution for various performance and safety problems caused by the original components. Vehicles with failing brake vacuum pumps can see a significant reduction in the brake boost assistance, as well as the performance of other vacuum dependent components such as EGR valves, intake manifold switches, and turbocharger actuators. A failed brake vacuum pump can also trigger the check engine light, limp mode, as well as engine misfires.

Rein Automotive Brake Vacuum Pumps come complete with every component needed for a proper installation, including a required gasket and/or seal, which are not always provided by the dealer. CRP Automotive backs the pumps with a 2 year/38,624 KM warranty.

Easy Online Lookup

The Rein Automotive undercar program features easy lookup on CRP’s online application catalogue that can be accessed through the CRP Automotive or Rein Automotive brand websites, www.reinautomotive.com, or Show Me the Parts, www.showmetheparts.com/crp/.



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