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Sprinter driveshaft. PHOTO Dana Inc.

Work trucks and delivery vehicles accrue high mileage and downtime for repairs can be costly. Dana Incorporated has designed its Spicer driveshafts to be drop-in replacements for Mercedes-Benz/RAM Promaster Sprinter vans that eliminate technician assembly time so replacements can be completed quickly and these important last-mile vehicles can get back on the road.

“With the recent increases in last-mile deliveries, plus the added demand for home deliveries, it is essential for shippers to repair their vehicles quickly with parts that outperform,” said Bill Nunnery, Senior Director, Sales and Marketing, Global Aftermarket for Dana Incorporated.

“To avoid downtime that exceeds the price of the repair and deal with the complexity of global vehicles, they can count on Spicer driveshafts as a maintenance-free aftermarket solution.”

Driveshafts for RAM Sprinter

Spicer driveshafts for Mercedes-Benz/RAM Sprinter vans are designed, engineered, and manufactured to meet global aftermarket driveshaft requirements and provide the top performance, reliability, and durability of original equipment (OE) products.

Innovative features include Spicer Compact 2020 universal joints with a maintenance-free triple lip seal and serviceable snap ring; Spicer centre bearings interchangeable with OE components; and a Dana proprietary swage tube design that provides ultra-high-strength at critical speeds with clearances calibrated to OE standards for a perfect fit to the vehicle.

To learn more, visit www.spicerparts.com or contact a Dana sales representative.

For the Dana Aftermarket e-commerce platform and global e-catalogue, visit DanaAftermarket.com.



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