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Connected Ball Joint Adapter Kit PHOTO OTC Tools

Matco Tools launched Connected Ball Joint Adapter kit from OTC. 

The new kit features:

  1. Patented, secure click-in adapters with spring-loaded steel ball bearings.
  2. No O-rings to replace, buy or lose.
  3. Extra-large 9″ x 2-3/4″ C-frame for cars, trucks and SUVs up to F-550/5500 series.
  4. Seven (7) included adapters for removal and installation on more than 235 vehicle models.
  5. Fully compatible with ball joint cups and adapters from MST6529, MBJA20, LUBJP, BJP7025C, MST6539 kits and more.
  6. For removal and installation of ball joints, U-joints, wheel studs and more.
  7. 18 optional adapters available for up to 600 vehicle models.

For more information, email: [email protected]


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