Spectra Premium Industries Announces Changes in Management

Denis Chabot has been appointed Interim President and Chief Executive Officer of Spectra Premium Industries. PHOTO Shutterstock

The Board of Directors of Spectra Premium Industries today announced the following changes to its management team.

Denis Chabot has been appointed Interim President and Chief Executive Officer of Spectra Premium Industries.

This appointment is effective immediately. Mr. Chabot replaces Jacques Mombleau, who has informed the Company of his intention to retire; however, Mr. Mombleau will remain a strategic advisor to the Board of Directors and also remains a shareholder of the Company.

Mr. Chabot previously held the position of Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of the Company. He possesses in-depth knowledge of the activities of Spectra Premium Industries and will thus be able to ensure an orderly and efficient transition until the appointment of a new President and CEO.

Michel Baril, Chairman of the Board of Directors, paid tribute to Jacques Mombleau, who has been employed by Spectra Premium Industries since 1993.

Since his appointment as President and Chief Executive Officer in 2002, Spectra Premium Industries has become a leader in the components industry for automotive vehicles, as well as light and heavy trucks.

Jacques is the epitome of entrepreneurship. His vision, determination and hard work inspired the 1,300 people who work with us.

— Michel Baril, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Spectra Premium

“The exceptional leadership he demonstrated throughout his career has allowed our company to stand out for the quality of its products and its customer service in an extremely competitive market,” added Mr. Baril.

Jacques Mombleau, for his part, believes that the current period, marked by the COVID-19 crisis, the financial restructuring of the Company, the additional time allowed to complete the restructuring process, as well as a better financial situation than anticipated, is an opportune moment to welcome a new leader.

“We are currently undergoing major transformations that call for a fresh look at the Company’s activities.

I am extremely proud of the work accomplished to date and equally grateful to the employees of Spectra Premium Industries, thanks to whom I have been able to achieve all my dreams on a professional level.

With all due respect to my colleagues, I believe it is time to give way to a successor who has the energy necessary to invest for the long term and ensure the sustainability of the business,” he said.

for more information, visit spectrapremium.com/en.



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