CAFU Offers Mobile Charging for Electric Vehicles

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CAFU has ordered five electric lorries to develop its fast-charging service for electric vehicles. Photo CAFU

CAFU, an energy delivery platform, recently announced an initial order for five all-electric Lion5 trucks from Lion Electric to expand its rapid electric charging service in Canada.

CAFU’s mission is to facilitate the recharging process for all electric vehicle drivers.

This new service, available to both private customers and fleet managers, aims to reduce concerns about the range of electric vehicles.

“Our aim is to simplify the adoption of EVs and pave the way for a zero-emission future,” said Jean-François Lapierre, Managing Director of CAFU, in a press release.

CAFU is a global platform for delivering energy and services to electric vehicles on demand via its mobile application.

The mobile recharging service means you can fill up at any time without having to wait at a recharging point.

The CAFU app can be downloaded from Android and iOS devices.


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