Simard Transport Initiates Electrification of its Truck Fleet With Four eCascadia

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This project is a great example of collaboration amongst all stakeholders in the electric and intelligent transportation ecosystem to reduce GHG emissions. Photo Cléo

Simard Transport is amongst the first Quebec-based companies to actively contribute to decarbonizing heavy transportation, announcing the addition of four electric trucks to their current fleet. 

Through this initiative, Simard Transport is initiating its energy transition to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Key partnerships and collaboration

Simard Transport has partnered with Cleo, a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, to oversee the deployment of their charging infrastructure. 

“We are delighted to collaborate with Simard Transport to offer our turnkey service and dynamic charging management through our smart platform,” said Jeff Desruisseaux, CEO of Cleo. “Cleo’s mission is to support fleet operators from all sectors in their successful transition to electrification. This collaboration will drive the transformation of heavy transportation toward a sustainable future.” 

The four eCascadia trucks, manufactured by Freightliner, are the first to be delivered to a Quebec-based carrier by a Quebec dealer. Simard Transport relied on the family-owned business GLOBOCAM, the largest network of heavy truck dealerships in Québec, for the purchase of their electric trucks. 

“GLOBOCAM supported Simard Transport throughout the decision-making process. We participated in technical and operational analyses to ensure the trucks meet their needs, provided training, and assisted them in the subsidy application process,” said Guillaume Chénard, Vice President of Sales at GLOBOCAM. 

Collaboration among all stakeholders in the Quebec electric and intelligent transportation ecosystem is crucial for reducing GHG emissions from transportation. This project serves as a great example, and the three companies hope to inspire the industry to decarbonize.

1. Sylvain Cabanetos, Account Manager, Cleo; 2. Asma Merdassi, Project Manager, Cleo; 3. Jeff Desruisseaux, CEO, Cleo; 4. Ferris Abraham, VP, Simard Transport; 5. Donald Abraham, Executive Vice-President, Simard Transport; 6. Joe Vannelli, Chief Executive Advisor, Simard Transport; 7. Brandon Abraham, Director, Shared Services, Finance, Simard Transport; 8. Thierry Salem, Director, Sales, Globocam; 9. Guillaume Chénard, VP, Sales, Globocam; 10. Normand St-André, Sales Manager, Globocam; 11. Guy Landry, SVP, Sales, Globocam. Photo Cléo

Project overview

  • 4 eCascadia trucks equipped with a 438 kWh battery and a power equivalent to a 470 hp engine
  • 2 Detroit eFill charging stations of 120 kW
  • 2 ABB DC Wallbox charging stations of 24 kW
  • 1 location – 1800, 46th Avenue, Lachine, Québec



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